A new twist on our grandmother’s recipes.
Growing up, my brother and I always loved our grandmother’s snacks. Chips, crackers, candies, she knew how to make them all, and she always made them the best.

When we grew up, we spent years travelling, but the best part of every trip was coming home to Montreal, to my grandmother’s kitchen, where she’d have all our favourite snacks waiting for us.

Nowadays, it’s my brother and I that are making the snacks. We still follow our grandmother's recipes, using simple ingredients and making everything by hand, just like she did. But we've made one twist: inspired by our own travels, we’re adding the spices and flavours we discovered from all around the world.

Serge and Vartan
co-founders, Dorians
Hey Sailor. Take a cracker home?
Our products
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We’re proud to have launched the first five flavours of our Dorians Baked Crackers line: Cracking Sea Salt, Furious Barbecue, Flowery Anise, Intense Za'atar, and Garlic and Herbs.

what’s new
Our first set of five Baked Crackers will be on shelves all over the island in early May! We’re really excited!

To find out more about our products, how they are made, where they are made, and where they are available, email us at